Why Choose Us

Welcome to ISA International School of Guangzhou. Our aim is to educate the next generation of internationally-minded students, to take their place in the world as leaders, thinkers, developers, creators and shapers of a better world. Students will graduate with outstanding academic skills. Through a spiralling curriculum, each student studies key concepts and discovers knowledge of the world around them through an enquiry-driven approach to learning.

Students will be both internationally-minded and also grounded in their own unique cultural identity. We believe that every child must keep his or her cultural identity and mother tongue level high. The quality of our English and Chinese language programmes will ensure every child becomes fluent in both languages.

We achieve all of this by extending the school day. School starts at 8:30am and finishes at 5:00pm. Within the school day, every Primary school child learns a musical instrument, participates in a sports team, and chooses from a range of competitive and creative classes to enjoy an enriched programme of learning. Everything is covered in the school-fees and provided within the school day. There is no need to send your child to additional classes, clubs and lessons.

We are located inside the famous Redtory Art and Design complex, beside the Pearl River, very near Zhujiang New Town CBD.

Visitors are always welcome. Children can join us for a free trial-day to experience the ISA difference.

Welcome to ISA.